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  • Small Business startup help
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Get Self Employment Help!

The one-person business model
of the 21st Century 

Professionals who have become disconnected from the traditional work market or are moving into the retirement age without the retirement package are looking into a Solo Business as a viable income-generating alternative. You have already invested in their knowledge and skills – what you need now is to understand how to work for yourself and know where to get self employment help.

How Business Today is Different:

down-arrow Hierarchy Driven (Top down) Up-arrow  Solos (Collaborative)
down-arrow Job Up-arrow  Work
down-arrow  Agism Up-arrow  Expertise
down-arrow  Report to the Boss Up-arrow  Answer to the Client
down-arrow  Grow by adding employees Up-arrow  Creative Outsourcing
down-arrow Put in 30+ years; No passion Up-arrow  Follow passion