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Discover the new system for starting your business from scratch. You CAN follow your dream!

Introducing Best Beginnings – NEW & LIVE

Best Beginnings logoComing in September 2015

Don’t give up on your dream business! Best Beginnings is for the entrepreneur. You can make your dream come true.

What Can Best Beginnings Do For You?

In this brand new live, on-line course Jackie B. Peterson, the authority on solo business, will personally teach you how to make money following your dream. Best Beginnings is designed for people who want help before taking the very first step. It will help you even if you aren’t quite sure what business start … or how to start it! Best Beginnings will take all the fear and uncertainity out of running a small business by yourself!

Don’t miss the Best Beginnings webinar series.


7 Ways to Make Your Talents Pay

With the right tools in hand, your talent can change your life. I have seen it happen and it can happen to you.

Solopreneurs–including creative and encore entrepreneurs–are the most interesting business creatures anywhere. They are changing the world in a thousand different ways with passion and expertise, persistence and idealism. But the very nature of solopreneurship brings its own challenges — distraction and lack of focus being just two. This ring any bells?

You should know that it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s within your power as an entrepreneur to make your business work. And pay.

My 7 Principles for Encore, Creative, and Solo Entrepreneurs

1. Focus on a deep narrow niche.
2. Articulate your unique value proposition.
3. Fend off mission creep.
4. Develop a business mindset.
5. Avoid the time-money squeeze.
6. Understand your target audience.
7. Market every day.