Address Business Startup Fear

Jackie Peterson -Business Startup FearToo many would-be entrepreneurs never start their business because of startup business fear

Jackie confronts the issue of the fear around starting up your own business for people who may have been in corporate situations for most of their lives. In this episode she talks about many of the issues that surround those fears such as:

  • Start up costs – Surprise! You don’t really need tons of money to get your business off the ground
  • Experience – You’ve already got what you need
  • Business has to be a ‘big venture’ – Your own business doesn’t have to be a Shark Tank
  • Business idea – You’ve ideas, let them out
  • Seniors are naturals

When people spend years in the corporate setting, they are told that they have do business the way ‘it’s always been done’. Business today is done very differently. It’s easier – and more affordable – than ever to startup your own business. People approaching retirement will find it much easier than expected as their start their business as an ‘Encore Career’, whether they want to supplement their retirement package or provide the bulk of their income.

By revising how we think about the business plan, you can be flexible and versatile. Listen into this information-packed, fear-busting episode as Jackie blows away your fears about what it takes to start up your own business.

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