Allison Clarke Knows the Secrets to Confidence

“You are your own billboard. Do you have the confidence to stand out?”

“You are your own billboard.  Do you have the confidence to stand out?” Allison Clarke’s clients will confidently tell you “YES!”  Allison is an expert in training people how to have extraordinary confidence in living their life to its fullest.  Allison challenges her audiences, clients and people everwhere with a question, “Do you have the courage and confidence to step out from behind your emails, tweets and text to deliver a face to face, short, compelling message with passion and clarity?”  Sounds like a great way to deliver your unique value proposition, connect with others and have the confidence to succeed doing exactly what you love doing.  You know we love that message at Better, Smarter, Richer!

Jackie is excited to be talking with Allison Clarke, founder of Allison Clarke Consulting and author of “What will they say?” 30 Funerals in 60 days, on November 7th at 10 AM PST/1:00 PM EST live on
Allison took her own advice to get out of her comfort zone and start her own consulting company, Allison Clarke Consulting (ACC).  Then, Allison knew she wanted to write an inspiring book that shared her vision and mission of what ACC was about so the idea came to her to go to 30 funerals in 60 days, (also out of her comfort zone) it would be unique and interesting.  Allison’s recently released book has been a huge success.  What will they say?  30 Funerals in 60 days, is an inspiring book that will make you laugh and cry from cover to cover and encourage you to think about what others will say about your life when you are gone.  What Allison didn’t count on, in writing this book, is just how much the thirty people would change the way she lives her life.  Chapter by chapter Allison describes the 30 funerals she attended and the lessons they taught her.  Now Allison is teaching others how to truly LIVE fully, with confidence!  Her book and coaching provide the tools in living a confident and fulfilling life.  Allison will share her passion for life and how you can catch that same passion for whatever you are doing with Jackie on Wednesday, Nov. 7th at on .

Take a quick peek at the video below and mark your calendar to join our live conversation.



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