Alyssa Gasca inspires and aligns to create a culture of success

Alyssa Gasca helps organizations create a culture of success

If you’re looking for some focus and inspiration, a greater sense of connection to your team, or the skills you need to build a culture of success for your organization, then you are not going to want to miss next week’s edition of Solo Pro Radio.  On February 27th, join the conversation with organizational change consultant Alyssa Gasca!  Check out her website here.

Alyssa has more than 15 years’ experience helping organizations and professionals improve performance.  She has held a number of different roles in training, organizational development, and strategic program management, and has perfected the art of balancing strategy with execution and relationships with results.

She spent the first 12 years of her career at Intel, where she implemented global change projects and learned the importance of teamwork, discipline, and measurable, sustainable results.  She created tight-knit teams of diverse individuals from different places, business functions, and organizational levels, and designed and managed global professional development programs, from executive-level leadership programs to call center bootcamps.

In 2007, Alyssa started consulting because she wanted to do the work she loved – helping businesses problem-solve by inspiring and aligning their people.  Since then, Alyssa Gasca Consulting has worked with a variety of clients (including large corporations, start-ups, and nonprofits) on projects like custom leadership and management workshops, team-building, strategic planning, and organizational development.

Alyssa’s story is bound to inspire everyone who listens.  Tune in to Solo Pro Radio at 11 AM PST/2 PM PST (or any time after that!) on Wednesday, February 27th and prepare to come away with a new sense of alignment with what really matters!