Learn How To Be a Successful Solopreneur

Better, Smarter Richer

Easy small business help in a self-paced course makes it easy to learn from your desktop!

Once only available through the Small Business Development Center, Jackie’s flagship course Better, Smarter, Richer is now available to you right at your own desktop!

easy small business help

Finally, easy small business help is available for the solo professional! If you work as a solo, encore, or creative entrepreneur—author, web designer, financial planner—YOU are the business. That’s why traditional business advice—built around managing employees and losing touch with your creative passion—won’t work for you.

This online workshop has audio guidance, content, tips and activities to help you successfully “be the business”. If you have been struggling with how much to charge, or who to sell to, or how to find enough time, there are activities to get you straight. We even help you fire clients who just aren’t worth your precious time. And we built this new business advice around stories from people who did what you want to do—just to show that whether you take photographs, or do books, your creative passion can make you Better, Smarter and Richer.

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