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  • Running A Business Without Employees

    teamworkSolo professionals don’t need employees

    Lots of potential entrepreneurs blanche at the idea of having to manage or oversee employees in order to have a successful business.  Their own experience as a manager was not good and their experience as an employee being managed by others is even worse.  That is why solopreneurship is such a wonderful model.  When you are a solo, you do not have employees.  You are a solo. So, how do you run a business without employees? You build a team of professionals dedicated to your success.

    You may hire a team to perform all the administrative tasks such as web development, social media, office support, marketing administration and certainly bookkeeping and taxes.  Maybe also photography and copy writing. 

    Employees are focused on the hourly wage – not your bottom line. Employees have to be told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Sometimes, you don’t always know – especially if you’re a solo business owner.  This is not true when you hire  help on a business to business basis, not employer/employee. Outsourcing tasks is an entirely different relationship.

    In this episode of Better Smarter Richer Jackie’s going to share some strategies to get your business done without dealing with the expense and frustration of employees.

  • From Job To Business Transferable skills

    business transferable skillsHow to transition your job skills into your business

    People thinking about starting a business are often stopped because they cannot figure out what to do.  What do I know how to do that is marketable, they ask?  What do I know that someone would buy?  These are questions we answer in our Best Beginnings program.  My advice is to begin by looking critically at the work you have been doing over your whole career.  Think about what you have done for your employer, then raise it up one level.  For instance if you were a PR person for the Jones Company, you found resources and developed PR for their company.  They had certain products, customers and messages that they wanted you to make public. 

    So, is your skill doing PR for the Jones Company, or is your skill identifying markets, crafting messages and finding opportunities for ANY entrepreneur to become better known.  If you can see yourself able to use your talents to serve others, not just your former employer, you are on the way to developing your own business.

    When you’re starting up your own business, it can be a challenge defining exactly what you do. In a job situation people have ‘job titles’ where the job description is defined for them. As you define the services you offer in your own business you have to be much more imaginative and creative and move beyond  your old job description.

    What if you want to offer a service that is different from a ‘job title’ that you once had? Good news! When you’re setting up your own business, you get to design it the way you want. Pull from your past, choose the skills you’re best at, add in what you love to do, and create the best solutions for your clients.

    Where do you start and what should you consider when you decide which skills you want to highlight with your business? It can be hard to evaluate yourself and decided which skills will be income earners when you’re on your own.

    In this episode of Better Smarter Richer Jackie will explain ways that you can transfer skills from your employment background into your own business concept.

  • Small Business Marketing Fear

    Jackie Peterson -Small Business Marketing FearYou can build a successful business by confronting small business marketing fear

    When Jackie was a little girl, she used to hide behind the sofa whenever the doorbell rang. When she started her own business, she had to get over her fear of having people notice her! The trick to a successful solo business is to overcome small business marketing fear.

    Marketing is about being enthusiastic about what you do and sharing it with people who need your help. Focus on your ‘Sweet Spot’: Where your passion, experience, skills AND money overlap. THEN it’s easy to talk about.

    Solo-based businesses are the most viable business models in today’s economy. It’s the perfect vehicle especially for people nearing, or already in, retirement. This unique group of people have a wealth of skills and experience. Starting and running their own business can be the secret sauce to help them bring in the income to fund a comfortable income through retirement.

    One thing stops a lot of people: Small business marketing fear. We’ve been conditioned to be modest and not put yourself forward – especially women. That’s a mindset we need to confront and get over.

    In today’s episode, Jackie is going to share her proven secrets to overcoming small business marketing fear. 

  • Startup Business Money fear

    Jackie Peterson -Startup Business Money fear

    Understanding that most solo business ventures are funded by your intellectual capitol eliminates startup business money fear

    Jackie will confront your startup business money fear in this episode. So many would-be entrepreneurs get stopped in their tracks when they think about the costs associated with starting a business. First, understand that in a solo-based business your brains, connections, and experience are your most valuable capitol. Additionally, your time is a resource that focuses on planning and structuring your business.

    You do need some ‘seed’ money eventually to invest in things like your website and marketing. Today, banks are not a resource for solo-based businesses. They just do not work with individuals. Credit cards are an option but their interest rates can be prohibitive. There are ‘crowd funding’ options such as KickStarter and IndieGogo that allows you to take your case directly to the public to get crowd funded business grants which are potential options.

    Listen in to today’s discussion to learn how to decide what money you really need to raise and different ways to take advantage of opportunities to get the resources to start and run your business. Another question that comes up is “what about employees?”. 

    Jackie is adamant about the fact that you do not need to hire ’employees’ to run your business.

  • Address Business Startup Fear

    Jackie Peterson -Business Startup FearToo many would-be entrepreneurs never start their business because of startup business fear

    Jackie confronts the issue of the fear around starting up your own business for people who may have been in corporate situations for most of their lives. In this episode she talks about many of the issues that surround those fears such as:

    • Start up costs – Surprise! You don’t really need tons of money to get your business off the ground
    • Experience – You’ve already got what you need
    • Business has to be a ‘big venture’ – Your own business doesn’t have to be a Shark Tank
    • Business idea – You’ve ideas, let them out
    • Seniors are naturals

    When people spend years in the corporate setting, they are told that they have do business the way ‘it’s always been done’. Business today is done very differently. It’s easier – and more affordable – than ever to startup your own business. People approaching retirement will find it much easier than expected as their start their business as an ‘Encore Career’, whether they want to supplement their retirement package or provide the bulk of their income.

    By revising how we think about the business plan, you can be flexible and versatile. Listen into this information-packed, fear-busting episode as Jackie blows away your fears about what it takes to start up your own business.

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