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  • A Tip from Jackie: Succeeding in the Brave New World of Work

    new world of work

    The future is now!

    I’ve talked before about the growth of solopreneurship. But now I have more numbers than ever. I keep quoting these reports so let me share them with you.

    MBO Partners has been following the phenomenal growth of solo businesses since 2011.  Their most recent report tells us that there are now 30 million solos, many of whom are there by choice, and not due to adverse circumstances such as a lay-off or failure to find work. They report that people love the independence and flexibility of working solo…and that they are beginning to see more and more solos who make $100K. I say yahoo!

    The futurist report called The New World of Work tells us that 75% of all small businesses are non-employer businesses. They also anticipate that by 2020, 50% of the work force will be freelance or solos. The reasons for this shift include technological advances and a rapidly changing marketplace that cause employers to think again about hiring for long term commitments. Without a doubt, The New World of Work concludes, the students of today will be the solopreneurs of tomorrow. 

    But let’s remember that solo businesses are not just small traditional business. They are a unique type of entity with unique needs. That is where the Better Smarter Richer method comes in. It helps solos understand the new solo business climate and teaches them how to succeed in this new world. How about you, are you ready to be successful in this fast changing future?

  • Community Senior Business Building

    Community senior business building helps promote financial independence for professionals 55+

    Community Senior Business BuildingHollywood Senior Center Executive Director Amber Kern-Johnson joins the conversation with Jackie about serving the encore professional community. The group of people served by seniors centers has changed drastically over the years. They offer a wide range of services for seniors including how to build a business to help supplement their income. The Hollywood Center is unique in that it works in partnership with Multnomah County which allows them to leverage the money that comes into the center. Its mission is to promote the health, independence and well-being for adults 55 and older.  

    The center has the opportunity to be innovative with the programs they offer which keeps their community interested. 

  • A Tip from Jackie: Take the Next Step Towards Claiming Your Identity

    Think about your visual identity. Time to update your logo?

    Think about your visual identity. Time to update your logo?

    I have recently updated my logo.  My logo, if you do not recall, is an origami crane made from actual currency. It was originally made from a $20 but my new logo is made from a $100 bill. I went to the bank, got a crisp bill, and had my nephew (who is really skilled at origami) make me a new crane.

    The reason I chose this logo in the first place is that I love the juxtaposition of art and money: the origami made out of currency. You know, I see no reason why creatives of all kinds should not be paid well. I love the crane because they are a wonderful symbol of prosperity and in nature, they are beautiful, loving (they mate for life and watch over their young in a family group), and they dance to court their mate.  How perfect is that?

    But why change to $100 instead of $20? >>Read more…

  • Alternative Healthcare Business Model

    Combining Ancient Healing Practices With a  New Alternative Healthcare Business Model for the Lifestyle She Prefers

    Alternative Healthcare Business Model

    Kristin Schuchman talks with Kate Kirkman of Hearthside Healing about how she’s taken her extensive experience in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and created the lifestyle she wanted with an alternative healthcare business model. Rather than go the traditional route of working too many hours in someone else’s clinic – Kate’s created a treatment facility within her home so that she can build balance into her life and her practice.

    This allows her to focus on the specific types of patients that she works best with and develop a long-term and rewarding relationship with them. Listen in to learn how Kate makes it work. She shares her challenges and how she’s overcome them.

  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit

    For some, an entrepreneurial spirit is a way of life.
    For Jan Schumacher, it’s a tale of survival.

    entreprenurial spirit, Jan SchumacherFor years, Jan Schumacher was known for her business owner’s sensibilities and her saleswoman smile as she started and ran multiple businesses including Tres Fabu — the largest bridal shop in Oregon. She saw it all slip away in an instant with a mysterious illness that robbed her of almost all of her fingers.

    Listen in as Jan shares her journey and how her entrepreneurial spirt got her through her darkest days.


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