Book sold out at IACP book fair

Thursday a colleague and I taught a class for the International Association of Culinary Professionals called How to Turn Your Food Passion into A Business. As a presenter, I got to participate in the conference book fair on Friday. It was Better Smarter Richer and a gazillion cook books! About one hour into the book fair, Powell’s Books told me my book had sold out! But you don’t need to miss it- you can buy it here.

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  1. Julie

    Hi Jackie,

    I swear- I think I talk about you and your book every day to someone!!!!! I wish it could get in every creative’s hand- because one of the BIG problems is that many of us think we don’t need it. We want help and know something is not working, but reading yet another book on what we should do is seen as a waste of time. We have read so many and been to so many seminars. We keep thinking, when will I make the money I want to make! When will my business be where I want it to be! I am so glad I read your book because it’s different- I did learn what to do and how to do it. The TIME MONEY SQUEEZE simply changed my life. It took some time for me to practice what you teach- I kept thinking- how can I charge that much per hour! Now, I think to myself, how could I possibly charge less than that per hour. I make what I am worth. Thanks to you.

    Let’s get the word out!!!!


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