BSR Broadcast: Small Business Marketing Expert Ronnie Noize

Ronnie Noize

‘Tis the season for counting our blessings, and this week’s BSR Broadcast is not to be missed. We’re delighted to share this special conversation with you–talk about gratitude!

Veronika (“Ronnie”) Noize graduated from Coach U, and has been a professional coach since 2000. She has been listed as Google’s #1 marketing coach in organic searches since 2006; became the president of her local chapter of the International Coach Federation; and was later named the first Coach of the Year. She was an instructor for three years at the International Coach Academy, and currently leads their marketing and sales coaching community.

As if all THAT weren’t enough, she has appeared as “Your Marketing Coach” on 31 episodes of a business-building TV show in Portland, OR, winning the SBA’s Business Journalist of the Year award, and has authored over 100 published articles on marketing, as well as three books: How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech, The 30-Minute Networking Secret Toolkit, and Marketing Strategies that Really Work.

Before she became a coach, she was a marketing consultant for both consumer products and business-to-business services, so she definitely knows what’s she’s talking about. Her successes as a marketing executive and a consultant add up to over $650 million dollars in sales, several industry awards, and record-breaking achievements. But today she’s “giving back” by bringing her expertise to her coaching work with small businesses. She’s passionate about relationships, and loves helping her clients access their unique knowledge and perspective about their industries, thereby helping them identify, acquire, and retain THEIR best clients.

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Ronnie is truly an expert when it comes to marketing, and, as you know, marketing is absolutely critical to getting “better, smarter, richer.” We’re so grateful that Ronnie is joining us on Wednesday, and we hope you’ll pause during this busy Thanksgiving week to take a listen—and if you can’t put your feet up, you can always download it to your mobile device and listen during your LAST last-minute trip to the grocery store! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Better, Smarter, Richer.