BSR Broadcast | “We Will All Be Entrepreneurs” – Amy Schulz on the Future of Work

Amy Schulz

Amy Schulz – Ambassador of Opportunity for the New World of Work

Did you know that 65% of today’s grade school children will take jobs that haven’t even been invented yet? Or that the top 10 in-demand jobs of 2010 didn’t exist in 2004?

It’s no secret that the definition of “work” is changing, and changing fast. Welcome to the New World of Work. (Watch the video for more fascinating stats!)

By collaborating with entrepreneurs and employers both locally and across the nation, this groundbreaking organization based at Feather River College (a community college in Northeastern California) has identified the top 10 skills necessary for success in the 21st century. Click here to learn what they are. These skills are best learned through innovative methods like gamification and experiential learning, and that’s New World of Work’s specialty. The goal? To inspire and empower educators and learners with the opportunities of the future.

Amy Schulz is this week’s BSR Broadcast guest, and she’s the head “Ambassador of Opportunity” at New World of Work—a.k.a., Feather River’s College Director of Economic Workforce Development. Recently named one of the top 20 educators changing the world by The Pollination Project, Amy is a visionary that transforms far-reaching possibilities into everyday realities. She believes that entrepreneurial education is the core of future workforce development, and she is committed to creating an even playing field for the disenfranchised.

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“As the daughter of two public school English teachers, of course, I swore I would never go into education,” Amy writes—but things change: “After five years in corporate accounting at biotech company, I missed the passionate dinner discussions of my parents.” She is passionate about empowering people through entrepreneurship, and her work has taken her all over the world.

Amy’s perspective is absolutely essential for solos everywhere:“Our latest project is spreading the word about the New World of Work, and preparing our students for the gig economy they are entering,” Amy writes. “We all will be entrepreneurs.” Stream or download her conversation with Jackie on Wednesday afternoon, and join us in creating a whole new world.