BSR Broadcasts: Debbie Durham on Designing Your Life

Debbie Durham

“Sometimes you have to trust the universe to help out!” writes Debbie Durham. Debbie has been taking life-changing risks since she was young, and says, “I am so relieved that I was able to ‘soar’ early on. These experiences laid the foundation for most of my professional choices.”

Today, Debbie is program manager at Life by Design NW in Portland, Oregon, where she has worked since January 2009. Life by Design NW engages adults 50+ in redesigning their future and incorporating their skills and passions to make meaningful contributions to the community. She draws on her early experiences in risk-taking (leadership positions in highschool, study abroad, and two years in Senegal with the Peace Corps for example) as she supports Boomers and seniors in their journeys to take risks and truly design their own lives. “I often encounter people my age who never had the opportunity to take life-changing risks, and are anxiously engaged in making up for lost time,” she writes. But “[f]ortunately, many programs are springing up now to enhance the aging ‘Boomer’ in meaningful activities.

Life by Design NW is such an important resource for all encores, solos, and creatives, and Debbie Durham is an expert on what the organization has to offer. She knows the value of living with passion, purpose, courage, and, yes, trust, and her conversation with Jackie about what it means to truly design your life is guaranteed to be fascinating and inspiring. You’ll be able to stream or download their conversation on Wednesday afternoon, and can listen any time after that as well. Remember, the BSR Broadcasts (Jackie’s weekly show on Solo Pro Radio) are now available for listening right on the Better, Smarter, Richer website, so come on over!