BSR Broadcasts: Define Your Core Brilliance
How (and Why) to Guard Your Brand with Your Life

Jan Black

It’s no secret that the way we do business is changing. We’re seeing an absolute tidal wave of entrepreneurship in this country–and all over the world. It has never been easier to start your own business…but it’s also never been easier to get lost in the shuffle. When consumers are faced with this abundance of choices, what’s going to make YOU stand out?

The answer has to do with your brand.

Now, the word “brand” can sometimes have an unpleasant connotation; we think of McDonalds, obnoxious commercials, and in-your-face logos everywhere you turn. But this isn’t really what branding is all about. Branding is about defining your core brilliance (I like to call it your UVP)…and then articulating it.

Meet Jan Black of The Black Brand.

Jan Black describes herself as an “articulator.” She is passionate about words and specializes in helping people uncover what makes them (and their businesses) special. It can be hard for entrepreneurs to “niche down,” which is absolutely essential in this brave new world of information overload; I’ve said it before, but entrepreneurship is no place for a generalist! Jan is an expert at helping her clients clarify their “deep and narrow niche” (in BSR speak!) and calls herself “the guardian of the brand.” Now there’s someone we all need on our side! 

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