BSR Broadcasts: Monetize Your Positive Futures with Karen Sands, MCC, BCC

Karen Sands

Karen Sands left corporate America at the peak of a career revered by our culture. She had become a visionary change agent and expert in America’s graying trend—and its impact on the future—but her exploration of what this meant for her personally was just beginning.

She returned to graduate school in my early forties to become a Transformational Gerontologist specializing in creative living and conscious aging across the lifespan. After garnering her post-graduate certification in adult development and aging, she began her search for the meaning of conscious aging as we moved into the new millennium.

Today Karen is an aging expert and Professional Futurist, ICF-Certified Master Coach & Mentor, and CCE-Board Certified Coach, and she firmly believes that the world is enriched when each of us answers the call to greatness and awakens our visionary within. As an Everyday Futurist, she uses scientific, strategic, and intuitive forecasting skills and tools to help you capitalize on tomorrow’s trends today to achieve personal, professional, and global transformation at every age and stage while monetizing a future that matters.

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This is going to be such a fascinating conversation. Join Karen and Jackie to learn about the top hot future trends so you can lead the marketplace and leverage your brand above the noise. You can listen this Wednesday, March 26th—or any time after that! The BSR Broadcasts (Jackie’s weekly show on Solo Pro Radio) are now available for listening right on the Better, Smarter, Richer website. New episodes are posted on Wednesday afternoons, so check it out (and don’t forget to check out past episodes while you’re here!)