BSR Broadcasts: Opening the Door with Barbara Deurwaarder

Barbara Deurwaarder

My vision of life? To be grateful every day to everyone who passes my path.
– Barb Deurwaarder

Barbara Deurwaarder of Deur Counsel, LLC is an expert when it comes to doors.

Her business name is derived from her surname; “deur” means “door” or “gate” in Dutch. She specializes in “opening the door” to experienced legal advice in incapacity and estate planning, and loves the experience of providing her clients with new avenues and vistas by demystifying the legal process. And she has her own history of noticing open doorways and stepping through into brand new ways of life.

“I never thought that I would have ventured into a different way to practice law,” she writes. She was drawn to law while attending university in Seattle, Washington, and after obtaining her law degree, she initially settled into practicing as a litigator in Vancouver, Washington. She assisted clients in divorce and criminal law, then moved to transactional work in Beaverton, Oregon, focusing on working with clients in estate planning and incapacity planning as well business law.

But after 20 years of practicing traditional law, she was unsatisfied. She wanted something more. She wanted to provide services that were “outside the box,” and eventually realized that clients would benefit from legal assistance prior to hiring their attorney; people needed an attorney to talk to as a counselor, one who could help them understand the legal process, the questions to ask, and the things to think about when planning for incapacity during life and for distribution of assets after death.

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Barb’s story is truly inspiring. She has used her skills, interests, and work history to create a solopreneurial encore enterprise that is cutting-edge, informative, personal, and totally outside the box; she has truly found her “deep and narrow niche,” and we can all learn something from her journey. Join us on Wednesday, April 9th—or any time after that! The BSR Broadcasts (Jackie’s weekly show on Solo Pro Radio) are now available for listening right here on the Better, Smarter, Richer website. New episodes are posted on Wednesday afternoons, so visit us often (and don’t forget to check out past episodes while you’re here!)