BSR Broadcasts: Sandra Suran on the Art of Change, Resiliency, and a Successful Encore

Sandra Suran

Sandra Suran has an impressive resume. She founded one of Portland’s largest accounting and consulting firms; served as an audit and consulting partner with KMPG LLP, a large U.S. audit, tax, and advisory services firm; worked for the Statet of Oregon to develop a strategic plan for the small businesses program; and founded the Suran Group, her management consulting firm, in 1990.

All of that is remarkable in and of itself. But what makes it even more remarkable is the way she has drawn on all of her past experiences to craft an exciting and ever-evolving encore career for herself.

Sandra’s expertise is helping organizations to change and to grow, and she works with everyone,from solo practitioners to very large entities. She has worked with a huge variety of industries (everything from health care, government, construction, and education, to service, manufacturing and distribution, and finance) and she has led the development and implementation of more than 80 comprehensive organizational strategic plans.

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It takes a special energy and quality of attention to involve yourself with this number of fields and organizations while continuously holding the “big picture” of each in your head. It requires flexibility. It requires a willingness to take risks. It requires clear vision and firm resolve. In a word, it requires resiliency…which happens to be Sandra’s speciality. She has just published a wonderful book called The DNA of Resilient Organizations, full of wisdom culled from her decades of helping a variety of businesses succeed.

“The DNA of the Resilient Organization shows how viewing and making changes holistically leads to an environment that efficiently and successfully improves itself and is consistently able to weather storms,” she writes. “With each change that is made, with each problem that is encountered or resolved with this approach, the organization maximizes its ability to improve.”

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Resilience is an important quality for just about everyone, but it’s absolutely vital for solos, encores, and creatives. You’ll be able to stream or download Sandra’s conversation with Jackie on Wednesday afternoon, and can listen any time after that as well. Remember, the BSR Broadcasts (Jackie’s weekly show on Solo Pro Radio) are now available for listening right on the Better, Smarter, Richer website!