BSR Broadcasts: Thinking Outside the Box on Aging with BSR, Let’s Share Housing, AARP and More!

Check out this great article in the Huffington Post. Written by Jo Ann Jenkins, the new CEO of AARP, it’s all about “disrupting aging” and rethinking what it means to grow older in this country. “When we disrupt aging and embrace it as something to look forward to,” she writes, “we can begin to discover the real possibilities for becoming the person we’ve always wanted to be.”

Then there’s this recent piece from the Washington Post, focusing on aging and innovation: rather than thinking of aging Baby Boomers as a net drag on the American economy, we’re encouraged to “think of this demographic shift as a net gain of people who are healthier, greener, and more productive.”

And finally, there’s Let’s Share Housing’s Michele Fiasca recent guest post right here on the BSR blog. In “Turning the Page on Aging,” Michele writes:

“With 10,000 Boomers turning 65 every day for the next 16 years, our country needs more creative options in aging. This generation has been trailblazing from the get go, always challenging the status quo. I am a Boomer myself and know we want choice, solutions derived by thinking outside the box. We have always defined life on our own terms and retirement will be no exception.”

Notice any trends?

Here at BSR, we’re incredibly inspired by all of this thinking on the redefinition of aging. So we thought this week would be a perfect time to revisit Jackie’s conversation with Michele. On her BSR Broadcast back in the summer, they talked about Michele’s important work in the transformation of housing for Boomers and Seniors, and about how it ties in with the BSR focus on changing work options for this population. Take a listen if you haven’t already…or even if you have!