BSR Broadcasts: What Does Money Mean to You? Wealth with Purpose
How to Align Your Money with Your Values

Bob Bedritis on Wealth with Purpose

It’s no secret that the retirement landscape is changing. Many of us are energized by the “longevity bonus”–we’re living longer, healthier lives than ever before, and there’s a whole new productive, valuable, and exciting time of life between “middle age” and “old age.” But many of us are anxious about what this new stage might mean for us financially.

In my book, encore entrepreneurship is the perfect way to meet and conquer this new challenge. Take a look at my recent article in Forbes about how you can transform your “retirement” by capitalizing on what you already know and love. By starting a business, you can increase and stabilize your cash flow while finding a whole new sense of purpose.

And money with purpose is what this week’s BSR Broadcast is all about.

Bob Bedritis is the president of Paradigm Capital Group and has years of experience in financial advising and wealth management. Today he’s a “Red Zone Retirement Specialist,” and helps people five years on either side of retirement make workable plans.

The number one thing he wants for his clients is that they seriously consider this one deceptively simple question: What does money mean to you? The power of purpose is immeasurable, and he has found that when people know that their money is aligned with their values, their whole life is transformed. He’s an expert in analyzing and leveraging cash flow to align his clients’ finances with what matters to them–and if that sounds like something that’s important to you, you will definitely want to take a listen to this conversation. Join us in working with the power of your purpose to align your money with your values!