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An Easy Business Plan Overview

An Easy Business Plan OverviewMany professionals get stuck in their business start up phase when they look at the old-school business plan which used to be a long drawn out affair that involved a series of ‘educated’ guesses that you would take to a bank to get a loan. You’d need to make a series of ‘projections’ as to expenses, expenditures and more – all before you actually had a client.

That is not the reality for solo-based business in the 21st Century. As a solo, it’s more important that you know you’ve got a viable money-making business early on. Most old-school business plans took months to gather information. Many solos start out freelancing – either why they’re still working or after they’ve been laid off. What they need is a easy business plan overview that they can use on the ‘fly’ as their business is all ready bringing money for them.

Listen into this issue of Better, Smarter, Richer as Jackie gives you an easy business plan overview. She will explains how easily you can make your business plan while you’re actually starting up your business. She’ll share with you:

  • Details on the new Lean Start Up concept
  • Explore the plane, do, check act method of developing a business plan
  • Uncover places to find funding that you may not have considered
  • Steps for you to move out of StartUp fear and get your business going painlessly

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