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    Running a solo business can feel like a marathon

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    A letter from Jackie:

    I recently read this article about the challenges of entrepreneurship (and, yes, its joys…but more about that later).

    [Y]ou have chosen the path less taken, the path less understood and the path most pockmarked with pain. Much of the time that path is a complete slog, and your job, on occasion, is simply to slog it out.

    Ouch. Sounds awful. And, for some of us, it might hit a little close to home. What’s especially painful about this article though is that it’s primarily geared towards traditional entrepreneurs—you know, the kind that lease a storefront and hire a bunch of employees. Now, that may not sound like much fun if you’re like me—a SOLO entrepreneur. You know who you are: Freelancers. Independent contractors. Artists. Home-based businesses. And while we may not want to mess with all that brick and mortar, the reality is that starting a traditional business has a built-in benefit: other people.

    The entrepreneurial path can be especially difficult for solos. The traditional business wisdom that’s out there doesn’t apply to you, and because YOU ARE THE BUSINESS it can sometimes feel like you’re alone in the world. Like no one else gets it. Like you can’t turn to anybody.

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  • Jackie B. Peterson at the Mercy Corps Northwest Women’s Business Summit!

    Business woman

    Join Jackie B. Peterson and Better, Smarter, Richer at the Mercy Corps Northwest Women’s Business Summit on Wednesday June 12th! Hosted by the Women’s Business Center, this wonderful event celebrates the journeys of successful women entrepreneurs in Portland.  Jackie and other industry experts will discuss:

    • Success and motivation

    • Overcoming challenges

    • Available resources

    • Creating an effective work-life balance

    Visit to learn more and register. We hope to see you there—be sure to stop by the Better, Smarter, Richer booth to say hi!


  • Jackie B. Peterson featured in The Oregonian…TWICE!

    We’re having a wonderful week here at Better, Smarter, Richer.  Not only was Jackie featured as the keynote speaker at Tuesday’s “Encore Entrepreneur” workshop, which took place at PCC’s Rock Creek Campus, but she made it into The Oregonian…TWICE!

    The workshop, presented in partnership by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and AARP, was a tremendous success, with two hundred registered attendees and 20 people on the waitlist.  But no surprise there: in Tuesday’s Oregonian article (click here for the OregonLive version), Eric Mortenson quoted experts (including Jackie!) who predict that baby boomers will be a major part of the next wave of start-up business owners, creative entrepreneurs, franchise purchasers, solopreneurs, and consultants.  In Wednesday’s article, Mortenson highlighted all of the enthusiasm at the seminar and explored the wealth of resources available to encore entrepreneurs.

    Check out both articles and join the conversation!  Any encore entrepreneurs out there?  What has worked for you?

  • Legacy Letters Workshop

    Leave a Legacy Letter for those you love.

    We are excited to announce the next workshop. Linda Ross Swanson will be presenting Legacy Letter Writing,Creating the gift of you.  Linda is a certified grief counselor and the author of Wisdom Under the Bridge: The Prophets from Skid Row.

    So what is a Legacy Letter?  A Legacy Letter is an encapsulation of the wisdom you have acquired throughout this life.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to leave a legacy for generations to come that expressed what life has meant to you so far; what you’ve learned from adversity; how you have navigated the tough times; what you value, believe and bless, plus much more? Linda will teach us that this priceless and timeless legacy letter is less daunting and easier to put together than a memoir.  >>Read more…

  • 7 Reasons to Join the Better, Smarter, Richer Study Group for Solopreneurs

    Our Better, Smarter, Richer Study Group could be defined as:  A highly intelligent group which plans and directs a complex or difficult project.  This Better, Smarter, Richer study group is a focused group of solopreneurs and creative entrepreneurs that are serious about taking their business to the next level: professionally, financially and globally. 

    Mastermind Group

    Here are Seven Reasons to Join the Better, Smarter, Richer Study Group

    Joining a study group is a commitment to making changes in yourself and in your business that will lead to growth, personally and financially. >>Read more…