• Overcome Startup Fear Barriers

    Starting a solo business requires action

    Overcome StartUp Fear BarriersOvercome startup fear barriers to remove procrastination and paralysis.

    When you first think of starting your own business, you’re bombarded with questions. “What do I have to offer?” “How will I get clients?” “How much will I charge?”

    Those questions can stop you in your tracks. Start by thinking about what you’ve already been doing, either in your last job or in your life. Most solos start out doing some kind of consulting or service. Then you develop from there.

    In this episode of Better, Smarter, Richer Jackie will share several stories of some of her clients. Learn how they took their job skills and used them to start up their solo business. Starting with what you already have experience in can make it easier to overcome startup fear barriers.

    Confidence and experience are excellent fear busters. When you move into the next stage in your career, it helps to use what you already know to grow your own business. Jackie will share the words other solos are using to overcome startup fear barriers.

    Jackie will also discuss how the 21st Century technology-driven world is different from old-school business. Learn how you can use that to help you overcome startup fear barriers.

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  • Small Business Marketing Fear

    Jackie Peterson -Small Business Marketing FearYou can build a successful business by confronting small business marketing fear

    When Jackie was a little girl, she used to hide behind the sofa whenever the doorbell rang. When she started her own business, she had to get over her fear of having people notice her! The trick to a successful solo business is to overcome small business marketing fear.

    Marketing is about being enthusiastic about what you do and sharing it with people who need your help. Focus on your ‘Sweet Spot’: Where your passion, experience, skills AND money overlap. THEN it’s easy to talk about.

    Solo-based businesses are the most viable business models in today’s economy. It’s the perfect vehicle especially for people nearing, or already in, retirement. This unique group of people have a wealth of skills and experience. Starting and running their own business can be the secret sauce to help them bring in the income to fund a comfortable income through retirement.

    One thing stops a lot of people: Small business marketing fear. We’ve been conditioned to be modest and not put yourself forward – especially women. That’s a mindset we need to confront and get over.

    In today’s episode, Jackie is going to share her proven secrets to overcoming small business marketing fear. 

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  • Are you marketing every day to avoid an empty pipeline?

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    Marketing every day is easier than you think…..

    Several weeks ago I had a client call me rather panic stricken.  He had finalized his new unique value proposition, was diligently using it, and was having NO results finding new projects.  His work had dried up!  What had happened?  He was sure it was because his clients were not resonating with his new UVP.

    We talked about it and I listened to what he was saying and it sounded really good to me.  In fact his new UVP was 100% better than his old one.  It was short, clear and talked a lot about exactly what he is good at and passionate about.  Truly great.  So, what was wrong?

     I did not hear from him again for about a week.  When we talked he told me that he had brought in some new projects and was talking to a few new clients …and that they all LOVED his new UVP and that with each one of them, he was able to use it to have a deeper conversation than he usually had with prospects.

     Then he told me that the problem he identified was that he had not done principle # 6, Market Every Day during the winter months, December and January, because he was busy, busy, busy with a plethora of projects- he was just too busy.  The result?  He had not filled his pipeline and, when he completed those projects in late May and early June, there was no new work to fill in.

     “At least”, I told him, “you now know that the average time for you to bring in new business is about 5 months, and you can plan accordingly.” 

     Five months to bring in a new project is not unusual.  Many projects just take time to take shape.  And, we all know that when the client is finally ready to hire you they want you last week.  But, that is just the way it is. 

     Here is what you can do.  When I say Market Every Day, I mean spend some time, maybe not a lot, but some, say 15 minutes or half an hour, making phone calls, answering emails, making and following up on inquiries.  Write an article and send it to all your clients.  Have someone send out a news brief that pertains to the clients in your area of specialization.  Invite a past or prospective client to coffee.  Do some internet research on a topic of interest to your clients and send it out.  There are a million small things you can do that will help keep your pipeline full and keep your name front of mind with past and prospective clients. 

     I urge you to take time EVERY DAY to do some small bit of marketing.  Keep yourself actively marketing.  It will prevent the awful ups and downs – feast or famine- that can happen to you when you wait until one chunk of work is done before you look for another chunk of work.  Build marketing into your daily schedule. 

     What do you do to market every day?  Please share what works for you so everyone can benefit and together we can be Better, Smarter, Richer!


  • What Is Your Unique Value Proposition?

    What is a Unique Value Proposition?  A unique value proposition is often called an elevator speech but it goes deeper than that.

    A UniqueValue Proposition should:

    –  Be unique.

    – Clearly and passionately state what you do and how your work is different from others in your field.

    – Confidently state the value you bring to others.

    – Purposefully state how the listener can work with you.

    – Possibly ask a question about a “problem” a customer would have so that they can see how your work will “solve” their problem.

    If you have the book, Better, Smarter, Richer: Seven Business Principles for Solo and Creative Entrepreneurs, there are fabulous exercises on coming up with the perfect U.V.P. and if you are signed up for the Better, Smarter, Richer Mastermind then we will work on making yours even BETTER!


    Share yours below….

  • 3 Mistakes To Avoid in Your Business as a Solopreneur

     1- Creative Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs are notorious for not charging enough.  Can you raise your prices?  YES! 

     I have become known lovingly to my clients as Jackie “Raise Your Prices” Peterson.  I find that often my clients are charging far less than what they should be for their products and services.  By developing a deeper niche and focus with them, we have successfully been able to raise their prices.  The more of a specialist you are, the more you can charge.  This is another time when a community of innovative thinkers can help brainstorm your expertise.

     2- Both the Creative and the Solopreneur often give up or treat their business like a hobby.  Do you have a business plan in place?  Do you have a cashflow plan?  You need one! 

     Creative entrepreneurs are famous for treating their business as a hobby.  They think because they don’t have a corporate sign that their business doesn’t need to be ran like a serious business.  They dabble in several different ventures.  They never put the time and effort or money for that matter into the training, planning and focus required to build and maintain a successful business.  These creative’s are also known for giving up before they really get going.  When this happens the world misses out on something amazing.  Usually they give up because they don’t know the essential business principles for a solopreneur and they lack the confidence to take the risk.  Accountability for these principles is key to making money as a creative entrepreneur.  The first step is to know these principles the next is to implement them and the most critical is be accountable to your dream.

     3-Often solopreneurs don’t understand their target market.  Do you know who your best client is?  Do you know what you provide that your target market will pay more for?  The most important thing to financially succeed as a solopreneur is to know who your clients are and how to market to them. 

    Your talent for your business is imperative but knowing how to sell to your target market is also a vital talent that must be developed.  It is key to communicate with those customers in a way that makes them want to buy from you instead of selling to them.  Solopreneurs also struggle with not listening to what their customers want.   They tend to get stuck in their own ego and have the Field of Dreams mentality that if you build it they will come.  In reality you need to get into the mind of your customer and really understand them so that you can understand why they will buy from you.  Another downfall in marketing is the consistency.  You have to remind your customers constantly that you are the solution to their problem.

    Paying close attention to these 3 things can turn your hobby into a successful business.  The best way to make these changes is to work with a business advisor and an even better idea is to create your own community of solopreneurs that focus on becoming better, smarter and richer.  Having a group that believes in making money doing what they love can inspire new ideas on where to take your business, they can hold you accountable for actions you need to take and they may see holes in your business plan that you haven’t seen. 

    I have been successfully leading Better, Smarter, Richer Study Groups at PCC for the last year and I am ready to take these groups to the next level.  If you are serious in taking your business to financial success and want to do that in the next 6 months sign up now for a Mastermind Group that will take your business to the next level: professionally, financially and globally.  Space is limited and is only for those really dedicated to making money doing what they are passionate about.  I know that you really can make a living doing what you love and together we can all be Better, Smarter, Richer.

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