• Your Business Startup

    It’s time to make the leap!

    Leap-353x179Traditional employment is fading fast.

    Now is the time to focus on your business startup

    For more than two decades, ‘Solopreneurship’ has quietly been on the rise. Also called, independent work, freelancing or sometimes contract work. Check out this recent article in Fast Company Magazine.

    Studies show that Solos make up more than 40%. That number is increasing steadily. It’s estimated that number with surge past 50% by 2020.

    In the next 25 years, the workforce will accelerate towards entrepreneurship, independent contracting and “peer to peer” collaborating (we call that “the Waterbug™  model”). Now is the time to focus on your business startup.

    Unfortunately, potential entrepreneurs are not sure what to do with this new found independence. Their first question is “What can I do?”.

    In my new Best Beginnings: Start Your Business Right webinar program, we devote a lot of time to that question.  The first webinar is Titled What Should I Do?  With 9 accompanying work sheets, it helps you answer that question.  (It is a bargain at $199.95.)

  • Startup Business Money fear

    Jackie Peterson -Startup Business Money fear

    Understanding that most solo business ventures are funded by your intellectual capital eliminates startup business money fear

    Jackie will confront your startup business money fear in this episode. So many would-be entrepreneurs get stopped in their tracks when they think about the costs associated with starting a business. First, understand that in a solo-based business your brains, connections, and experience are your most valuable capitol. Additionally, your time is a resource that focuses on planning and structuring your business.

    You do need some ‘seed’ money eventually to invest in things like your website and marketing. Today, banks are not a resource for solo-based businesses. They just do not work with individuals. Credit cards are an option but their interest rates can be prohibitive. There are ‘crowd funding’ options such as KickStarter and IndieGogo that allows you to take your case directly to the public to get crowd funded business grants which are potential options.

    Listen in to today’s discussion to learn how to decide what money you really need to raise and different ways to take advantage of opportunities to get the resources to start and run your business. Another question that comes up is “what about employees?”.

    Jackie is adamant about the fact that you do not need to hire ’employees’ to run your business.

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  • Charge What You’re Worth

    charge what you're worthOvercome your fear and anxiety about pricing your work and charge what you’re worth

    Jackie is going to let you in on one of the best-kept secrets of being a solo professional business owner: How to charge what you’re worth!

    One of the main reasons people struggle to earn what they should while working for themselves is that they under value their work and shy away from dealing with money head on in their business. The fear discussing money with their clients because they focus on the ‘price’ NOT the value they are providing to the client.

    In this conversation, Jackie is going to uncover how to handle money conversations in a way that helps your client understand what they’re investing in, it makes them want to give you what you deserve for doing it for them. Learn how you could be sabotaging your pricing efforts and what steps to take to stop. Once you understand the key to what you need to be communicating, you’ll find charging what you’re worth is a snap.

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  • Fear And Anxiety About Pricing Your Work

    fear and anxiety about pricingFear and anxiety about pricing is one of the major reasons why businesses fail

    Jackie talks about money issues that cause fear and anxiety about pricing your work, charging what you’re worth and why so many solos avoid discussing money with their clients and she tells you what you can do about it.

    Start the new year off on the right foot by eliminating money sabotage from your business.

    From her years as a CPA, consultant, business coach and author with over 40 years of business experience and wisdom, Jackie’s going to share the most common ways solo business owners sabotage themselves by undervaluing their services and not addressing money issues head on. In this engaging interview, Jackie will uncover many of the underlying reasons why you’re not making – or keeping – the amount of money you should be.

    Are you struggling with fear and anxiety about pricing your work? This is the conversation you need to tune into.

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  • You and Your Money

    A Guest Post from Shell Tain:

    You and Your Money

    Shell Tain

    Shell Tain the Money Untangler

    You and Money are going to be in a relationship together for the rest of your lives. That’s the truth. Money will be there, in your life, one way or the other, until you die. People may come and go, even those dearest to you, but money will always be there.

    If you knew, for certain, that you were going to be in a relationship with someone for the rest of your life, what kind of relationship would you want? And if money were a person and we could ask Money about your relationship together, what would it say about you? Would it say you are great friends? Would it say that you spend time together, lean on each other, keep up with each other? Or would it say that you never connect with it? That you only call on it when you are in trouble, and then you are angry with it? How do you treat this relationship between you and Money?

    Remember, it’s you and Money, in it together forever.  What kind of relationship do you want? Think about your best friend. What makes that relationship work? How can you do that with Money? What do you want from Money, really want from it? Do you want it to be faithful? Dependable? Respectful?

    Here’s a hint: whatever you want from Money, be that way with Money. We’ve all heard that phrase “be the change you want to see”. It works with money too. You’ll never have a less judgmental friend than money. It has no emotional attachment to results. It just reports them. Numbers, and thus Money, tell you where you are, and any emotion or judgment attached to that result is yours.

    That’s actually the beauty of numbers; they just report data, not opinions. So, ponder your relationship with Money, and start right now making it a relationship you will want to be in, because it’s you and your money, in it together forever.

    We would love to hear your thoughts about money, please leave your comments below and if you missed Jackie’s interview with Shell on Solo Pro Radio, you can listen here.

    For more great money advice visit Shell’s website at