Charge What You’re Worth

charge what you're worthOvercome your fear and anxiety about pricing your work and charge what you’re worth

Jackie is going to let you in on one of the best-kept secrets of being a solo professional business owner: How to charge what you’re worth!

One of the main reasons people struggle to earn what they should while working for themselves is that they under value their work and shy away from dealing with money head on in their business. The fear discussing money with their clients because they focus on the ‘price’ NOT the value they are providing to the client.

In this conversation, Jackie is going to uncover how to handle money conversations in a way that helps your client understand what they’re investing in, it makes them want to give you what you deserve for doing it for them. Learn how you could be sabotaging your pricing efforts and what steps to take to stop. Once you understand the key to what you need to be communicating, you’ll find charging what you’re worth is a snap.

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