Encore Entrepreneur Stories: Jeannie Chapman’s re-branding her venture 45 Degree Branding

Jeannie Chapman of 45 Degrees Branding

Jeannie Chapman of 45 Degrees Branding

Jackie B. Peterson helped Jeannie Chapman narrow her focus to draw out her true calling: branding.

Name of Business: “45 Degrees Branding has a different perspective, based on my 2 decades in
branding. It symbolizes an oblique view that sees beyond the face value of your business, into the heart of what makes it unique.
And it’s a nod to our beautiful Portland, at 45 degrees nw.”

Established: Originally in 2000.

Journey of  re-visioning, re-creating, re-imagining:  “This is a re-brand, based on Jackie’s recommendation to focus solely on my strength and talent as a brand expert.”

What’s working now?  “This is a complete joy and a very different approach for me. Typically in my
industry, you never reference work older than 2-3 years because it makes you look
dated. The inability to show older work (and some of what I think is my best work)
always made me feel uncomfortable because I wasn’t showing my real
capabilities. Now, with this re-brand, what I’m doing is showing the strength of
Branding projects still going strong after 15-20 years. What’s traditionally seen as
the weakness of having older work has been turned into a strength. I am able to
be my whole, unique self. This is all based on Jackie’s recommendation for my

Take away/advice/lessons learned: “Taking Jackie’s class and consulting with
her is the best business decision I’ve ever made. Dive deep and create a truly
unique niche where there’s no competition. Be brave and confident and charge
what you’re worth so you can live your passion.”

Find out how Jackie can help you find your focus here.



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