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Small Business Community SupportJoin a small business community support group for less than that weekly cup of coffee! Better, Smarter, Richer followers share ideas, support and suggestions and YOU can be part of it.

Starting and running a business is never easy, but today it’s a different ball game! You can sometimes feel like you’re all alone. A solo-based business model is the most successful business model in the 21st Century. Unfortunately, those not actively working with that business model do not understand the complexities that you’re face with. Technology is constantly updating; strategies are drastically different today; and buyers can be a moving target.

Why do YOU need Small Business Community Support?

It’s a technology-driven business model with entirely new strategies that did not exist fifteen years ago. It takes advantage of the power of the internet and social media platforms that can be baffling to those not familiar with them. Additionally, it’s constantly shifting and changing so you need to be plugged into a resources that constantly updates you with what’s current and on the horizon. Getting advise from traditional small business resources like SCORE just don’t cut it. They’re just too out of date.

Friends and family may support and encourage you, but they cannot help you with the fundamental tasks of building and running this new business model. What you need is to be connected to others who are actually doing it.

Join Jackie’s Better, Smarter Richer Monthly Call Community

For just $8 a month, here’s what’s included:

  • A LIVE monthly call with Jackie and others who have been through her program
  • Access to a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where you can ask questions, get support and share successes with others who are building their own businesses – some are further along than your, many are just starting out
  • Advanced notice of Jackie’s live and online events with special offers and discounts so you are always part of the inner circle

Don’t try to do this alone.

Join now for $8 a month. You can cancel at any time.