Lois Gaylord infuses her art with her deep connection to Spirit

“My personal philosophy is that everything is connected in some way.” -Lois Gaylord

Lois Gaylord has been working for 25+ years as a freelance architectural model maker, and has had a life-long love of anything to do with fibers.  Overlay all this talent with a deep interest in spirituality and you will find a spiritual artist working in fiber and mixed media creating meticulous, detailed art and fine crafts.  I’m thrilled to be talking to Lois Gaylord on Wednesday,  March 20th on Solo Pro Radio.  Tune in on our Solo Pro Radio Facebook page at 11 AM PST/2 PM PST (or any time after that!) 

Some of the pieces Lois has been commissioned to create are a stole for a priestess, Jewish prayer shawls, and altar cloths.  She loves making custom pieces and puts her heart into every piece.  For a glimpse into the beauty of her ceremonial cloths and her other art you can visit her gallery.  

You can read more about Lois on her website.  Join me as Lois welcome’s us to her interwoven world, where everything is connected. Her deep connection to Spirit and “fiber-brained” ideas have brought her to avodat ha’lev, the work of her heart. She will share her explorations through the connections between our daily lives and Spirit.