Meet Linnea Osterberg, A Photographer Who Has Claimed Her Mastery


“Children have certain tools they bring to this reality. They are smart, they dream, they ask questions, they are silly, quirky and sometimes quiet. These are the places, moments, when I find resilience, the strength and the dignity of childhood.” -Linnea Osterberg

Jackie has known Linnea Osterberg for a long time and she can tell you Linnea has claimed her mastery.

Linnea is a photographer who specializes in black and white portraits of children. She is often asked, “How do you get kids to do that?” She humbly responds that she doesn’t “do” anything, she simply allows the child to be themselves and she captures the magic of their childhood experience. Parents often have deeply emotional responses to her work because they not only see their childs likeness but something deeper and more real.

Linnea combined her masters degree in family and child counseling with her passion for photography and the combination is exquisite. You can read more about Linnea on her website at Osterberg Photography . Also, join Jackie this Wednesday, Nov. 14th at 10 AM PST/1:00 PM EST on her radio show, to hear more about Linnea’s journey and her secret’s to success.

Tune in live at , past shows can be found at Solo Pro Radio or on Itunes as a free podcast, to subscribe today click this link.

For a wonderful smile and a treat, click this link and enjoy a short, delightful walk through what you might hear at one of Linnea’s sittings. <<<—— a must see!!!

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