Solo Business Success: Painter Nancy Klos talks about the ups, downs being a working artist

Artist Nancy Klos

Artist Nancy Klos

Name of Business: Atelier NAN of Klos Studios…est. 1990

What the Business Does:  Create original works of art for a national clientele:  Paintings, drawings done En Plein Air, Alla Prima.  Commissions welcome.

Currently teaches adult classes and workshops, private and semi-private lessons are available, including Individual Study.

How long have you been doing this? “Since 1990…27 years!”

When did you start creating art?  “I have always studied and created art. My degree is

in Fine Art, Art History and French. I have designed, knitwear, created large scale tapestries and now produce paintings in ink and oils. I have created for as long as I can remember!”

What’s working now?  Nancy is constantly entering her artwork in shows, loading artwork onto Facebook and Instagram.  She knows how important it is to market her wares everyday.  She has been on OPB’s Oregon Art Beat three times: 2002, 2004, 2006.  HGTV featured her in 2000.  Nancy was recently contacted by Southwest Art magazine, for an article titled “Women in Art.”  But, despite all the pay off promotion yields, more promotion goes on top of that.  “Even with an article in this magazine, I still have to get the word out.”

Nancy has taught art for years, because she loves teaching the “language of art.”  “I love helping people find their voice.”  She teaches kindergarten through adult levels.

“I have a website set up by collections.  I also practice Sumi-E which has influenced the way I paint and see the design and com-positional elements.”

“Now I find it very challenging to sell my paintings.  I am currently looking for a gallery to represent my work.  I am also trying to be better at selling online/directly from my studio.”

“Try to paint everyday in some small way and in larger parts of the day. En Plein AIr is usually a three to four hour commitment. Alla Prima in the studio can be in smaller time frames with works over time. Teaching refreshes me.”

BSR Take Away:  Nancy knows the importance of getting out there.  Online and in person.  Artists and all solos have to publicize what they do.  Even when national media profiles you, don’t sit back, share the media and let everyone know. It is important to take advantage of any publicity that comes your way.  

Nancy took Jackie’s Encore Entrepreneur class recently.  You can too by checking the events link on this web site.

Note: Translation of her studio’s name: “Atelier” is French for studio.  “NAN” is the Chinese version of her name.

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