Nancy Ranchel, CPA by training, salvage by heart. Radio guest Sept. 5th….

Sept. 5th’s guest will be…. Nancy Ranchel

Nancy Ranchel is a CPA by training but her passion is Salvage.   What does that mean? “In particular I like to use salvage in home design.  I’m the gal at the junkyard, and the steel yard, or I’m picking up stuff on the side of the road.  I have worked with contactors, carpenters, welders, artists for work around my own house.  I am a fan of low impact products and design.  I like spending my money on the labor of artists and craftsman who can turn my house into a piece of art made out of salvage.”

Nancy is following the dream in her heart and she is now blogging about it, can you make money “blogging”??  Being a salvage designer without a degree? 

Tune in at  on Sept. 5th  at 10 AM PDT/1:00 PM EDT to hear what this expert has to say about following your passion.

Read more about Nancy here……

Nancy Ranchel

“I like blogging as a way to journal, at a minimum, plus keep track of ideas. At best it’s a way to converse with other like-minded people. And I’m a good writer.”


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