Overcome StartUp Reluctance

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overcome startup reluctanceIt’s time to take charge.

You’ve spent your entire working life in a j-o-b. You got used to having  work put in front of you. You do what you’re told. In return you got benefits, sick pay, and a pension. When that vanishes with a layoff, it’s tempting to look for that again. You think it’s secure – except for the whole ‘layoff’ thing.

It’s time to overcome startup reluctance.

Starting a business can sound frightening. Here are some hard cold facts about employment today:

  • You are seen as an expense to the company – they’re always looking for ways to reduce expenses
  • They are not interested in your future – they’re planning for THEIR future (see above)
  • They have their vision and values – that don’t include you
  • You have to force yourself to fit into their culture
  • You work to fulfill THEIR dreams NOT yours

We are in a tidal wave of downsizing. They want to eliminate those long-term obligations like your benefits, sick pay and pension. If you want  ‘security’ you’re going to have to build it yourself.

Taking the reins of your own business may seem scary when you first look at it, but take a deeper look. This episode of Better, Smarter, Richer is going to help you overcome start up reluctance.

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