Solo Business Stories: Polly Bangs creates Urban Excursions providing elderly activities

Polly Bangs and her dad. Her dad was the inspiration for Urban Excursians.

Polly Bangs saw a need for socialization for seniors who may be otherwise isolated. So, she launched Urban Excursions. Pictured here with her father Cameron.

Polly Bangs has a history of creating social ventures that help people.  Urban Excursions is her latest, providing the elderly with social activities.

Name of business: Urban Excursions.  It celebrates its five year anniversary November 2017.

What the business does: Seven years ago, Polly Bangs moved her father to live with her.  Despite his dementia,

he still had a positive outlook on life.  Polly looked for activities for her dad, but most services offered bingo or trips to the grocery store.  “Basic needs are covered, but not more than that,” she says.  Polly’s dad wanted to go on outings.

What was the path that led to this venture? A trained social worker, Polly ran Pasta Bangs, an eatery that employed as risk youth.  She did this for a few years prior to founding Urban Excursions.

What’s working now: Urban Excursions offers two kinds of outings: low key get togethers for those who are looking for social interaction.  Plus, there is an exploratory group that is more involved.  Outings can be purchased online.

Polly gets the word out using all forms of media: including television ads, presentations, events

Urban Excursions at Blue Lake.

Urban Excursions at Blue Lake.

.  Now word of mouth is working quite well.

Take Away:  “I wish I had done this earlier.”

Polly took an advanced business course from Jackie, helping guide her through this process.  You too can contact Jackie to learn about upcoming courses and the support she offers to growing businesses. Jackie’s work always aims at helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and goals. Call her! 503-224-5910








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