Radio Show with Karen Shimada


Karen Shimada is redefining what “retired” means for people.

Karen Shimada is passionate about lifelong learning, creating social change, living an adventuresome life, giving back to the community and someday retiring abroad.  Karen has spent her life traveling and living around the globe. (Kenya, Japan and Nepal to name a few.) 

 She has become an expert on knowing exactly what you need to do to live your life with purpose and is also an expert on teaching people how to live WHERE they want to live and thrive living there. 

Karen is recently leading the development of a Portland based group dedicated to helping the new, “retiring” baby boomers group to redefine what it means to “retire” (hint, retiring is NOT what it used to be).  Karen’s previous work as the executive director of Life by Design, where she designed and promoted programs that supported individuals 50+ in life and career transition for meaningful engagement in the community, will bring the successful expertise needed for this dynamic emerging group. 

Tune in to hear about this new adventure.  A never been seen before sneak peek behind the curtain….. which will draw upon all the experiences of her life’s journey and show people around the world how to develop a career after their career……… an encore performance as a successful and passionate entrepreneur.   Tune in on Wednesday, July 25th at 10 AM PDT (1:00 PM EDT) at to hear her story and how you can benefit from the life lesson’s she has learned. 

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