Richard Pelletier talks about the tone of voice for your business


Richard Pelletier

Richard believes that a verbal identity for a business is just as important as a visual identity.


This week’s radio show guest (Aug. 1st), Richard Pelletier is an extraodinary copywriter who believes the tone of voice ought to emerge from the day to day communication from a business.  Richard tells us it is as important to have a verbal identity as a visual identity and to bring the human touch/feel to your verbal identity.  This identity will be reflected in how you answer the phone, the tone of your emails, your signage, as well as the content on your website.  This communication portrays your authenticity and connection with your customers.  Richard is a master at his craft.  Listen to the replay for more great advice in branding your business by the tone of voice your business reflects.  Past shows can be found at

(Also on this show, Jackie shares one of the biggest secret’s she hoped to learn when she grew up…..)


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