Ruth Francis Greenburg combines art, craft and spiritual intent into everything she creates


“From the very first time I worked with clay, it’s been a deeply healing experience for me. I made it my priority to apply this healing process to every part of my artistic and business endeavor. I have discovered that having the intention of living life as a meditation is profoundly powerful in every way.” —Ruth Frances Greenberg

Imagine this:

Here in the northwest there is a team of artists who gather in the ceramics studio every morning and begin their day with an intention to create in the spirit of cooperation, wellness, enjoyment and healing. They prepare their space—both externally and internally—so it can serve the highest benefit of all involved.

Now, they will add in the raw materials, harmoniously engaging earth, fire, water and air. The clay is a living, organic substance. The beautiful, liquid glazes harden to brilliant crystal-based colors when fired. These artists use different shapes and watch how they can magically transform from small, individual, seemingly separate pieces into breathtaking complexity of large mosaics.

These parts, when combined, will manifest into a masterpiece just like single notes become a magnificent symphony. What unites them all is the act of a single intention and a group of like minded artists focused on bringing their spiritual creation to the world. 

Ruth and her team understand and practice the art of appreciation, creative intentioning and spiritual awareness. With this approach, everything they create becomes imbued with the same energy—the energy of love.

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