Solo Pro Radio: Celebrate Plan B with Kathleen Rich-New

Kathleen Rich-New

Come out of your cave, your small life, and live the life you came here to experience.
You will make mistakes and feel failure–it’s all part of the process so learn from them and keep going.
-Kathleen Rich-New

We all know about Plan B. It’s the second best. The silver medal. The “also-ran.”



Next week on Solo Pro Radio, learn about rethinking—and celebrating!—your Plan B. Kathleen Rich-New, author of Plan B: The Real Deal Guide to Creating Your Business, knows all about self-reinvention. She spent 25 years working for companies like Apple Computer, Nortel, and Silicon Graphics, and earned three degrees (a BS in business, an MBA, and a Master’s of Management)…but when it came to crafting her successful Plan B career, she started from scratch and did the hard work all by herself. Now she’s ready to share her wisdom.

Today, Kathleen is an expert in embracing new directions: she is a writer, a speaker, a consultant, and an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Clarity Works Consulting and The Executive Women’s Coach, an adjunct professor at Webster University’s Graduate School of Business and Technology, and a frequent contributor to Space Coast Business Magazine. In addition to Plan B, she co-authored of Looking for the Good Stuff…a guide to enjoying and appreciating life.

She is also a three-time fire walker (imagine hot coals on YOUR bare feet!)…and says it’s all about focus and intent.

In short, Kathleen is an inspiration.  Click here to learn more!

In today’s rapidly changing world, job security is a relic of the past: in the future, success will be less about working long hard hours at the office and more about developing an entrepreneurial spirit. Most people want to start pursuing their Plan B career, but don’t know where to begin. And that’s where Kathleen comes in.

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting conversation on Wednesday May 8th! Tune in to Solo Pro Radio at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST (or any time after that!) and get ready to make your Plan B dreams come true.