Solo Pro Radio: Doug Lundrigan…the Business Doctor

Doug Lundrigan

“Effective leaders have one ability in common: they clearly communicate a desirable vision with a lofty purpose that inspires others to be anxiously engaged in pursuing it.”
-Doug Lundrigan

Sometimes businesses—whether they’re solo enterprises or big corporations—get sick, just like people do. But when we get sick, we can go to the doctor, explain our symptoms, get a diagnosis, and start implementing prescribed treatments. If only we could do the same for our businesses!

Well as it turns out–we can.

Meet Doug Lundrigan, Director of Lighthouse Business Solutions—a business doctor. Doug spent 26 years working with health care providers in a variety of settings, taking on roles of increasing responsibility. He enjoyed it so much that he decided to offer his business expertise for the benefit of health care and other businesses.

Like a medical doctor, he examines the symptoms of a sick business (think declining revenues, low productivity and morale, and unfinished projects), diagnoses the underlying disease, and prescribes effective treatments. An entrepreneur since the age of 15, he has truly identified his niche: he’s passionate about bringing businesses into optimal business health for a profitable, sustainable life.

Learn more about Doug and Lighthouse Business Solutions here!

This will be a fabulous conversation—what a wonderful idea, that “sick” businesses can be cured; just like we humans aren’t necessarily at death’s door because we have the flu, it’s important to remember that the business equivalents of chicken soup and lots of rest might be all we need to get our careers up and running again. You won’t want to miss this episode of Solo Pro Radio. Tune in at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST (or anytime after that!) on Wednesday, October 30th, and learn how to heal your business!