Solo Pro Radio: Embracing Change with Hillary Hutchinson


“All things change when we do.” This is the philosophy of someone who has dedicated her life to helping others embrace transitions, instead of resisting them.

Yeah, right, you might be thinking. Embrace transitions? Are you kidding? Changes are hard. They can even be terrifying. But Hillary Hutchinson of Transitioning Your Life knows what she’s talking about. She’s been through some devastating changes (and some exciting ones too), and she’s come out on the other side. Now her life purpose is all about illuminating the way forward for people who are stuck, guiding them to a happier, more fulfilled life.

In 1996, a horrific car accident cost Hillary’s beloved husband his life—and nearly cost Hillary hers. Her children were wounded, and everything changed in an instant; all of her plans changed, and she was forced to re-evaluate her entire life path. Today, she believes firmly that facing changes head on—and embracing them—is the key that helps you move from surviving to thriving in your career…and the rest of your life.

Hillary has had seven major career changes in nearly 40 years of work. She’s worked as a market researcher, political lobbyist, non-profit journalist, legal assistant, manager at three different academic institutions, professional business organizer, and finally, career change strategist. She specializes in helping clients cut through the mental clutter of negative self-talk, guiding them to the recognition and celebration of their own amazing contributions to the world.

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Autumn is truly a season of transition. We might be heading back to school or back to work; our daily schedules are shifting with the changing light and weather; and we’re gearing up for winter’s quiet energy of introspection. This is the perfect time to learn from Hillary’s wisdom, and we hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a fascinating episode of Solo Pro Radio. Tune in at 11 A.M. PST/2 P.M. EST (or any time after that!) on Wednesday, October 9th, and dive into the vital work of embracing change.