Solo Pro Radio: Jackie B. Peterson, Barbara Saunders, and Susan Rich on What’s in Store for 2014

Solo Pro Radio

Happy 2014! The first days of January are always so exciting; it always feel like we’re embarking on a new adventure. And here at Solo Pro Radio, we really ARE embarking on a new adventure. We have lots of great shows already lined up: we’ll keep going with our popular profiles of inspiring solos, but we’ll also add lots of new things into the mix. We’ll be doing multiple-part series about relevant topics, like how to market yourself in the 21st-century; we’ll be hosting panel discussions with some of the most important thought-leaders and innovators in the realm of solo and encore entrepreneurship; and we’ll be asking for YOUR feedback. What do YOU want to hear from Solo Pro Radio?

Please join Barbara Saunders, Susan Rich and Jackie B. Peterson—the three musketeers behind the new face of Solo Pro Radio—for the first new episode of the new year. They will be sharing their selves, their stories, and their vision for Solo Pros in 2014. Tune in at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST (or any time after that!) on Wednesday, January 8th—we can’t wait to get started, and we want you to come along for the ride!