Solo Pro Radio: Lead With Intention’s Leslie Bosserman

Leslie Bosserman

“This is your life’s work: to create a reality that you want to wake up to and go out and be fully alive each day.”
-Leslie Bosserman

Do you want to live a more fulfilling life? Find meaning in your work? Accomplish something incredible? Live up to your full potential?

We all do.

This week’s episode of Solo Pro Radio is all about setting your intentions and achieving your dreams. Leslie Bosserman, M.Ed and CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach), is a Fulfillment Specialist and Leadership Coach. In her multi-disciplinary practice, Lead With Intention, she coaches, trains, and consults with clients from all over the world, helping leaders and their teams revitalize their individual lives and organizational environments. She guides their clients as they identify and develop their strengths so they can take bold action…and lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

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For Leslie, leading with intention is all about living your life on purpose: waking up every day and choosing to be here—fully alive—and aware of your own influence. It creates and magnifies radical change, and it can start right now.

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This promises to be a wonderful episode of Solo Pro Radio. We’ll learn about her first job  as a flute and piccolo tutor (once a solopreneur, always a solopreneur!), her travels to over 20 countries, and her karaoke rock-star status…not to mention her thriving coaching practice. Please join us on Wednesday, July 17th at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST (or any time after that!) and start making your intentions a reality!