Solo Pro Radio: Learn How to Tell Your Story with Barbara Hettwer

Barbara Hettwer

Everything in life can be redeemed.
-Barbara Hettwer

This week’s episode of Solo Pro Radio is for everyone who has a story to tell.

So many of us have the niggling suspicion that we just might have something important to stay. That our family stories might be relevant for others. That we might be able to find the words to create something extraordinary.

But it takes courage to believe that. It takes even more courage to get some of it down on paper. And it takes even more courage (not to mention time, energy etc.!) to leap into the world of trying to get published.

So why not focus on the first two things (believing in yourself and getting started), take advantage of the radical changes in the publishing industry, and think about self-publishing?

Barbara Hettwer, this week’s guest on Solo Pro Radio, did just that.

Her mother was a New York City seamstress for Kate Smith and Eleanor Roosevelt, and Barbara drew on this fascinating history, in addition to her own knowledge and education, her experience as a teacher, wife, and mother, and her memories of overcoming heartbreak and disappointment, to craft the compelling The Seamstress of Jamestown. A historical novel set during the California gold rush, The Seamstress of Jamestown is about Emma Randall, a Baltimore native who decides to follow her dreams and travel alone to the Wild West (even Barbara’s protagonist is a solopreneur!)

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Barbara took the plunge and brought her story into the world—which is truly the solo path, whether you’re self-publishing a book, marketing yourself as an acupuncturist, or putting out your shingle as a web designer. Tune in to Solo Pro Radio on Wednesday, August 21st at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST (or any time after that!) and learn what it means to give voice to your unique story.