Solo Pro Radio: Monetize Your Expertise with Gannette “Coca” Bell


coca bell

“When you get that rejuvenated feeling back into your feet, your whole body responds, and you feel as though you can accomplish anything.”
– Gannette “Coca” Bell

Imagine finding out that something that you’ve been doing your whole life—something you were raised doing, something easy, something you take totally for granted—is a sought-after skill. Imagine learning that you could use it to dramatically improve the quality of people’s lives. And imagine discovering that they would pay you to do it.

That’s exactly what it means to identify—and monetize—your expertise.

Meet Gannette “Coca” Bell of Coca’s Foot Fix Via Reflexology. Coca has worked as a certified Reflexologist for the past five years, and received her training from the Alternative Healing Academy and the East West College. But she was raised doing reflexology…she just didn’t know it. Sometimes at the end of the day, her grandmother or great-grandmother would ask for foot massages. Using knowledge they’d gained from their own mothers and grandmothers, they would instruct Coca on where to press on their feet, how much pressure to use, and how long to hold it to relieve the pain. She quickly became the official foot-fixer at all family gatherings.

So imagine her delight when she learned you could be formally trained in the science of reflexology…and make a good living helping people feel better!

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Today Coca’s Foot Fix is a thriving business, and Coca is truly monetizing her expertise. Please join us this week on Solo Pro Radio and learn all about Coca’s remarkable journey from kindergarten teacher to solo pro. Tune in at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST (or any time after that!) on Wednesday July 31st!