BSR Broadcasts: Now for the HOW! Doug Lundrigan on 21st-Century Business Culture (Part 2 of 3)

Doug Lundrigan


On last week’s Solo Pro Radio broadcast, Jackie sat down with “business doctor” Doug Lundrigan, Director of Strategy for Lighthouse Business Solutions, to talk about the culture of 21st century companies. More and more, this elusive concept—culture—is an absolutely critical player in a company’s success…or failure. They started discussing the 12 characteristics of cultural shift in the 21st century, with a special focus on encore professionals–a population that is particularly near and dear to Better, Smarter, Richer’s mission. Understanding this shift is essential for Baby Boomers embarking on a second career.

Need to catch up? Click here to listen to last week’s show!

In this week’s episode, Doug and Jackie will talk about the next six characteristics of cultural shift…and then get down to the nitty-gritties. Now that we’ve established the foundation, we want to give you some tools to help you move forward. We’ve covered the WHY; now it’s time for the HOW. How can you learn about the new business reality? What can you read? Who can you turn to for help? What steps can you take to make some progress? This conversation will focus on the practicalities of educating yourself as an encore in an exciting new world of transparency, flexibility, resilience, and—yes—fun.

This three-part series with Doug Lundrigan couldn’t be more timely. This year, Better, Smarter, Richer and Solo Pro Radio have resolved to focus on encore entrepreneurs: we really believe that you are the future of business in this country. So don’t miss the second installment! You can listen in this Wednesday, February 5th—or any time after that!

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