Solo Pro Radio: On top of the world with Jake French!

Jake French

Let’s turn excuses into expectations.
-Jake French

Have you ever hit rock bottom? Felt like throwing in the towel? Wanted to give up?

If that sounds familiar, then this week’s episode of Solo Pro Radio is for you.

Jake French was 23 when his life changed. It was 2008, and he was on top of the world: he’d just graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Forest Products from the University of Idaho, had his own apartment, and had just started his dream job. Then, a chance accident resulted in his being paralyzed from the collar bone down.

From the top of the world to rock bottom in a single instant.

Jake was tempted to give up, but he didn’t. A fire ignited beneath him: he realized just how important a positive attitude was going to be in his recovery and new way of life as a person with a disability. Now Jake is back on top—he’s a solopreneur, author, and inspirational speaker. Check out his website! His goal is to earn his independence, learn to stand, find love…and take thousands along with him. When life happens, Jake French can give you the tools to live it.

Learn more about Jake here!

Jake was a guest on Solo Pro Radio last year, and we can’t wait to have  this truly inspirational solopreneur on the air again and find out what he’s been up to. Don’t miss this episode of Solo Pro Radio—you are guaranteed to come away with a brand new sense of what it truly means to live your life. Tune in at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST (or any time after that!) on Wednesday June 5th!