Solo Pro Radio: Ready to find your ideal work? Listen to Laura Schlafly!

Laura Schlafly

“I get so excited to know I’m having a positive effect on people’s careers and lives; to see the joy on their faces; hope and inspiration in their eyes.”

Are you in a career dead-zone? Struggling to decide where to go next? In the middle of a tough transition?

We’ve all been there! But if this rings a bell, you definitely won’t want to miss the next episode of Solo Pro Radio. Guest Laura Schlafly is the founder of Career Choices with Laura, and she specializes in guiding midlife professionals through “career detours” in order to investigate—and then launch—“second acts”!

Laura will help to open you up to new experiences and new skills. She’ll encourage you to take risks, exploring yourself and the world around you. She’ll inspire you and guide you to your ideal work. And the best part? She knows what she’s talking about…because she’s been there.

If anyone knows how to successfully navigate career transitions, it’s Laura. She uses the first-hand knowledge gleaned from her five careers, her BA in Japanese studies from Ohio State, her MBA from the University of Michigan, and her 20 years of experience in  product marketing, field-sales, and small business development to create a tailored strategy that helps each client uncover their own passions and then apply them to a motivating career with a purpose…and a paycheck.

Laura is a wonder woman. She is a private pilot, musician, dancer, athlete, life-long student of Asian languages and cultures, and avid traveler (soon to depart for a six-week trip to Shanghai, China!) As you can see, Laura follows her dreams. And we’re just lucky that one of her passions is helping other people follow theirs.

You won’t want to miss this fantastic conversation. Tune in to Solo Pro Radio on Wednesday, April 24th at 11 AM PST/2 PM PST (or any time after that) and prepare to get inspired!