Solo Pro Radio: Straddling Two Worlds with Daveena Tauber

Daveena Tauber

“Learning is not always easy or fun, but it’s where the action is. I am huge believer in the idea that learning is one of the things that gives life meaning.”
-Daveena Tauber

A self-professed “lifelong word nerd,” Daveena Tauber studied literature at Reed and Lewis and Clark Colleges, and went on to earn a Ph.D in Early Modern British Literature at Rutgers University. She was excited about making her career in academia, and everything was going according to plan: she had a great degree and quickly got a renewable, fixed-term assistant professorship in a fantastic program. But when the program’s staffing was “reorganized,” she found herself jobless, and facing the Portland job market in 2008…one of the toughest markets in the nation.

What’s a literature Ph.D to do?

Here’s what: blaze a totally new trail and become an “alt-ac” (alternative academic—a scholar not operating within the walls of traditional academe).

Now, there are plenty of alt-acs out there, but it’s hard to find literature scholars who also happen to be entrepreneurs; most academic entrepreneurs come from the worlds of science, technology, engineering, math, and business….not the humanities.

But three years ago, Daveena founded ScholarStudio, a consultancy that provides writing coaching and consulting to individuals and institutions nationally and internationally. She works with writers in a wide variety of fields to produce writing for specialized contexts such as academia, non-profits, and business environments.

Learn more about ScholarStudio here!

This is going to be a fascinating episode of Solo Pro Radio. Daveena is truly in operating in two different worlds—and she’s doing great. A successful academic consultant, she is also a serious student of Argentine Tango and the proud mother of a 10-year-old future soccer player. Don’t miss this conversation! Join us on Wednesday October 2nd and learn why solopreneurship is a fabulous option for anyone.