Solo Pro Radio: Upside Down with Emily Running

Emily Running

“Leap and the net will appear.”
-John Burroughs

What happens when a professional dancer, aerialist, and yoga instructor gets the opportunity to undergo a surgical procedure that might end her struggle with chronic pain…and also destroy her life as she knows it?

Meet Emily Running.

Emily grew up in Montana, and has lived in Los Angeles, Paris, and Portland, Oregon. After years of trying to plan things out, she eventually gave in and let the universe show her where to go next. Today, Emily calls her career path “eclectic”—and says she likes it that way.

She founded Movement Inspired to promote her services as a performer and teacher of dance, Pilates, and yoga. At the age of 26, she moved to Paris for a year and deepened her identity as an artist, exploring modeling, watercolors, writing, photography, languages, and dance. After relocating once more, this time to Portland, she once again proved herself as a trailblazer, developing an Education and Community Outreach Program for the aerial dance company, AWOL Dance Collective.

As you might imagine, aerial acrobatics involves a fair amount of hanging out in the air upside down. But suddenly, Emily’s life was turned upside-down for real: just a few years into her tenure at AWOL, she discovered she needed major hip surgery to correct a skeletal imbalance she’d had since birth. With 75% of her income (not to mention her passion) tied to her physicality, she had to dig deep to reinvent herself while continuing to pursue what she knew and loved.

Today, Emily is the founder of DanceWire, a nonprofit organization with the mission of providing information, resources, and services to the Portland dance community. She also just completed a memoir called Anatomy Riot, in which she navigates the journey of losing her job, health, and identity all at once.

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