Startup Business Money fear

Jackie Peterson -Startup Business Money fear

Understanding that most solo business ventures are funded by your intellectual capital eliminates startup business money fear

Jackie will confront your startup business money fear in this episode. So many would-be entrepreneurs get stopped in their tracks when they think about the costs associated with starting a business. First, understand that in a solo-based business your brains, connections, and experience are your most valuable capitol. Additionally, your time is a resource that focuses on planning and structuring your business.

You do need some ‘seed’ money eventually to invest in things like your website and marketing. Today, banks are not a resource for solo-based businesses. They just do not work with individuals. Credit cards are an option but their interest rates can be prohibitive. There are ‘crowd funding’ options such as KickStarter and IndieGogo that allows you to take your case directly to the public to get crowd funded business grants which are potential options.

Listen in to today’s discussion to learn how to decide what money you really need to raise and different ways to take advantage of opportunities to get the resources to start and run your business. Another question that comes up is “what about employees?”.

Jackie is adamant about the fact that you do not need to hire ’employees’ to run your business.

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