Case Studies

Entrepreneur Case Studies
Better, Smarter, Richer Success Stories

Amy McAuley
Oculus Fine Carpentry

Amy McAuley, owner of Oculus Fine Carpentry, is a conservator of historic structures. Her specialty is wood sashes on buildings built before 1854; before power tools became prevalent. Following the Better Smarter Richer principles, Amy has grown her business from one where she focused in building and replacing windows to one where she is now considered a national expert on window replacement and conservation. Her calendar is now full for up to two years at a time. You can find her at

Ruth Frances Greenberg
RFG Tile

Ruth Frances Greenberg, owner of RFG Tile is a well-known artist of ceramic tiles and sculptures. She is sought out to design and install one-of-a kind fabulous mosaics in homes and commercial locations. Working with the principles of Better Smarter Richer has helped Ruth claim her expertise and mastery of her work as well as own her fundamental spiritual voice which resonates through all of her work. You can find Ruth at

Linnea Osterberg
Linnea Osterberg Photography

Linnea Osterberg, owner of Linnea Osterberg Photography, is a master of photographing children in their own environments. Linnea is not only a superb photographer, but she brings both her artistic eye and her relaxed approach with children where they feel so at ease that they allow her to see who they really are. Her photographs consistently allow the observer to catch a glimpse of the adult her subjects will become. Following the principles of Better Smarter Richer has helped Linnea find the right clients and be paid what she is really worth. You can find Linnea at

Linda Ross Swanson
Wisdom Weaver

Our histories matter. They make us who we are. They hold treasures that can change lives.

Meet the Wisdom Weaver! Linda Ross Swanson is an author, speaker, presenter, and grief counselor. She specializes in helping people encapsulate their insights, wisdom, values, beliefs, and blessings in a “legacy letter”—an exploration of what we’ve learned from our lives so far, including the epiphanies, mentors, and transformative experiences that have gotten us through the tough times.

Linda is the author of Wisdom under the Bridge: The Prophets from Skid Row, and she holds an A.A. degree in Mental Health, a B.A. degree in Social Science, and a M.A. Degree in Applied Theology. She is a certified Thanatologist (death, dying and bereavement counselor and educator). Check out her website at