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  • Is Your Brain Working Against You?
    Brain Science and the Art of Presenting

    By Guest Blogger Susan Taylor of Imagine Productions

    A note from Jackie: Many solos are terrified of presenting themselves to the world; for them, there is nothing scarier than standing up in front of a full auditorium and talking about what makes their business special. Forget about the auditorium! Some of my clients can barely stand to talk to one person at a cocktail party and explain their business venture. But you know what? Presenting yourself is a vital skill if you’re a solopreneur. Remember Principle #2 from Better, Smarter, Richer? You MUST be able to clearly and confidently articulate your unique value proposition, whether you’re talking to two people, 100 people…or even just yourself in the mirror (which is sometimes scariest of all). This guest piece from presentation expert Susan Taylor gives some fabulous tips for mastering the fear of presenting.

    Who’s in charge around here? Can you believe that in certain circumstances your brain takes charge of you and can even go so far as to work against your best interest? That little bundle of grey matter at the end of your spine has a mind of its own – or rather, is a mind of its own. There are three primary parts to your brain, each with assigned specific tasks. Each part developed separately as we evolved. The oldest part of your brain – known as the reptile brain – is, or most certainly was, a good pal. In fact we share this part of brain with all vertebrates and it served us all well. Its primary function is to interpret the world around us and keep us safe from danger so that we can live to reproduce our species.

    Brain Science and Fear

    Photo Credit: eatyou_S@ilor

    “What dangers?” you may ask. Lions? Yes. That something in the bushes? Yes. That tree that looks a little different than it did last time you passed by? Yes. Your presentation in a crowded auditorium? Your primitive brain will leap to your assistance here as well, but this time the assistance is not helpful.

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