Use Your Vulnerability to Build Your Business

Embrace the Anti-Hero: Vulnerability and the Creative Entrepreneur or How to Use Your Vulnerability to Build Your Business

Clayton Mathews

For this week’s podcast, I was delighted to turn the mic over to my colleague Bonnie for another fabulous interview. She is hard at work on her book How to Be an Art Warrior (which I can’t wait to read!) and was discussing it with her friend, consultant and psychology Ph.D. Clayton Mathewson.

“Bonnie,” he said, “You’re focusing on the hero’s perspective here, which is wonderful…but none of us can be heroes all the time.”

Our culture is enamored with the hero, and although there’s nothing wrong with that per se, the hero mentality is the opposite of what happens when we allow vulnerability to emerge. And it’s vitally important to remember that vulnerability is a crucial component of creation and change. We will all come undone, make poor choices, and experience failure and loss. How can we as artists and creative entrepreneurs acknowledge this process? Welcome it, even? Make friends with it? Embrace it?

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Bonnie took Clay’s insight to heart, and is working to incorporate vulnerability into her beautiful vision of the art warrior’s path…which, in and of itself, is a perfect example of vulnerability itself leading to creation and positive change.

Remember, you MUST do the work, even if it’s scary; that’s why we’re all part of the Better, Smarter, Richer tribe. We believe that the lives we dream of are possible, and that the greatest risk of all is an unlived life. 

Listen now to this fascinating conversation about vulnerability and the creative entrepreneur. You will come away inspired and re-commited to the BSR lifestyle…one which incorporates the hero AND the anti-hero, strength AND vulnerability. You can create the life you know is possible when you welcome vulnerability to the process.

  1. Denise Berry

    As always, it is so good to hear Bonnie’s “take” on such deep and real issues that come up in the biz of being self-employed!
    And, Clay, thanks for your expertise.
    Keep on ” posting” Bonnie, Jackie and friends!

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