What Are The Benefits of Contracting a Solopreneur?

A Solopreneur is Passionate About What They Do For a Living.

A Solopreneur is Passionate About What They Do For a Living.

Today’s Better, Smarter, Richer Mastermind class was wonderful.  The participants are seeing great progress in themselves and able to implement this in their business.  One participant asked if we thought a solopreneur would be considered if they were to bid on a really big job.  What a great question, I have my opinion of why solopreneur’s are a better choice and the serious side of it includes the passion and commitment they have for what they do but on a lighter note I pointed out that a solopreneur is less likely to get sick and delay the job because they aren’t in a big office where “bugs” are passed around from office to office.  I’d love to hear what you think about this….let’s keep it light hearted and fun.  Why is it better to contract a solopreneur than to go corporate?  Click below to access our Facebook page and add your reasons.  After you add your reasons, click the following link and read about what Forbes thinks about Solopreneur’s……. They are predicting that the future is ours!!  Commit today to become Better, Smarter and Richer as a solopreneur! 

Forbes Article- 5 Trends That Will Topple the Traditional Workforce

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  1. I believe the tool needs to suit the job. A solopreneur is perfect for some jobs and may not be the way to go for others. The benefit of a solopreneur is the ability to provide custom solution with a quick turnaround.

    TJ Mollahan

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