A Note from Jackie: Resolve to FOCUS in 2014

This is an exciting time of year. We transition from the holiday whirlwind into the clean slate of January, and it feels like the world is at our fingertips; the opportunities are endless. We’re finally going to go to the gym, write that novel, lay off the sweets, spend more time with our families and Read More …

Jackie on Ted Sarvata’s Purpose Podcast

Jackie was just featured on Ted Sarvata’s “Purpose Podcast,” which explores purpose and vision as the jumping-off point for having the kind of impact you want to have in your business, your family, and the world.  This was a fantastic conversation; as Ted said, “Jackie Peterson’s purpose is to have every small business be financially Read More …

10 Ways to Profit Using LinkedIn and 5 Tips for Leveraging its Power to Market and Build Your Business ‘Free’
by guest blogger Jean L. Serio, LinkedIn Expert

LinkedIn is a powerhouse. The top social site for businesses looking for clients, to get hired, and job seekers, it has over 200 million current members, and growing daily. From entrepreneurs, to corporations, there are thousands of potential clients and companies with jobs available, out there waiting to connect with you.